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AlwaysOn Availability Group Monitoring

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Performance Monitoring, Tuning and Alerting

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Server Schedule and Alert Management

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SQL Server Query Plan Analysis

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SQL Server Index Analysis and Defrag

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The Complete Performance Solution

For SQL Server and Windows

SQL Sentry Power Suite Plus
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning
  • Server Schedule and Alert Management
  • SQL Server Index Analysis and Defrag
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Secure Cloud Accessible
  • Lowest Overhead in the Industry*


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Quickly get to the root of tough SQL Server query optimization issues

SQL Sentry Power Suite Plus
  • Color-coding highlights potential trouble
  • Multiple grids and views allow sorting and deep analysis
  • Real runtime metrics with the generation of actual plans
  • Side-by-side plan comparison
  • Full tuning session version history with comments
  • Query-level wait stats, full query call stack display


Get Started

Plan Explorer and Plan Explorer Pro trial are a single download.

Plan Explorer

Animated Plan View

Fit more of the plan on screen with zoom controls and optimized layout.


Expert Advice

SQL Performance

Securely upload anonymized plans to SQLPerformance.com to receive advice from multiple industry experts.

Satisfied customers say the nicest things...

  • SQL Sentry has proven over the years to be a reliable and cost efficient tool.

    We are a small SQL shop without the benefit of a dedicated SQL DBA. Managing our SQL environment is a small but very critical part of my responsibilities. SQL Sentry Event Manager greatly reduces the daily effort of managing my SQL Servers. I can see all of my scheduled events, configure alerts to capture hung jobs and even automate a response to critical issues. Plus I don't have to install, manage and suffer the performance drain of agents on every server. SQL Sentry has proven over the years to be a reliable and cost efficient tool.

    • Peter Smith
    • Director, Corporate Services at Brickmill Marketing Services
  • People say you can't buy time...

    Event Manager saved me time. Over an hour of Data Warehouse processing time each night. That's an invaluable resource. People say you can't buy time - but with Event Manager I did!

    • Geoff N. Hiten
    • Microsoft SQL Server MVP
  • SQL Sentry Event Manager has been very valuable...

    SQL Sentry Event Manager has been very valuable in reducing our response time to issues, reducing the time required to validate job executions, and given us the ability to set up and manage alerts across our database and server platforms through one interface.

    • Rick Shonak
    • Sr. Database Administrator, Blue Cod Technologies

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DBAs and IT professionals want easy-to-use tools that solve problems while saving time.

Our SQL Server performance monitoring software provides the deepest insight, the fastest root-cause troubleshooting, the most comprehensive monitoring, and the most flexible alerting.

Microsoft MVPs, Microsoft Certified Masters, and independent consultants agree. SQL Sentry software is simply the best SQL Server performance monitoring and management solution for SQL Server. The tools of choice.


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