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Frequently Asked Questions

License Information

Yes you can purchase SQL Sentry products from our Reseller Partners listed here. If your favorite reseller is not listed contact sales@sqlsentry.com with your suggested reseller. We will then invite them to join the SQL Sentry Partner Program.

SQL Server Instance Names can be automatically modified online.

To modify the instance name for your license you first have to make sure you are logged in to the SQL Sentry Customer Portal. If you see a sign out button in the upper navigation, then you know that you are signed in.

Once you are signed in, click the customer portal button in the upper navigation. Once you have entered the SQL Sentry Customer Portal, click on the link that says Modify the SQL Server Instance Name for an Existing SQL Sentry License

This page will show you a list of all the licenses you have purchased. Click the instance name link for the license you wish to modify, and enter the new instance name in the space provided. Once your license has been modified you can copy and paste the contents of the updated license into SQL Sentry Event Manager, or you can choose to have the updated license sent to you via e-mail.

You are able to view and download a copy of all your licenses from the SQL Sentry Customer Portal.

The first step you have to do is log in to the Customer Portal if you haven't done so already. Once you are logged in, click the Customer Portal link in the upper navigation. If you wish to obtain a copy of an evaluation trial license, click the Trial Licenses link. Otherwise, click the Add to an Existing SQL Sentry License button. Click the View button next to the license you wish to download. This will give you the option to either copy and paste the contents of your license to a file on your local computer, or you can enter an e-mail address and have the license e-mailed to you.

Yes, you can. In fact any maintenance due for your existing licenses will be automatically included in the price you pay for new licenses. This maintenance will show up in your shopping cart as an item with the name Past Due Maintenance.

It is essential that your maintenance renewal date is the same for all your licensed instances regardless of when those instances were purchased. That is the reason why any maintenance that you owe for your current licenses will be automatically added to orders for any new licenses.

Yes, you can mix and match as many SQL Server, Oracle Database, and Windows instances in the same license.

At this time, Quick Start packs are limited to one per person for new customers only.

Annual software maintenance is required for all licenses and provides tech support via e-mail/phone, fixes and updates and free version upgrades. The annual software maintenance is included with the quick start packs and they are the best value for watching more than three servers.

The amount of maintenance due for your existing licenses is calculated by first calculating the maintenance due for SQL Server instances and adding it to the amount of maintenance due for any Windows Task Scheduler or Oracle Server instances. This amount is computed by taking the number of Instances * Annual Maintenance Rate * 20% reactivation fee. The annual maintenance rate is adjusted to reflect any quantity discounts for which you qualify.

In many cases we will be happy to give you a couple extra days to continue your evaluation of SQL Sentry Event Manager. If your trial license has expired you can request a license extension online using our website. To do this, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Log in to the SQL Sentry Customer Portal if you aren't already logged in.
  2. Click the customer portal link in the upper navigation.
  3. Click the trial licenses link under the License Maintenance heading.
  4. The trial licenses page will show you a list of all the trial licenses that you have obtained for SQL Sentry Event Manager. You will see a button that says Request Extension next to any evaluation licenses that have expired.
  5. To expediate your license extension, please provide us with a brief explanation of why you would like to have your license extended.
  6. A SQL Sentry Event Manager Sales agent will be in contact with you to provide you with your new license.

Adding additional instances can be easily completed through our online store in 3 easy steps.

  1. From the customer portal main page, click the Add to an Existing SQL Sentry Event Manager License link. Find the license to which you would like to add additional instances, and click the Buy More button.
  2. Enter the additional quantity of instances that you wish to purchase. A summary of the number of licenses you already own is shown on this page for your reference. When you have made your selections, press the Checkout button.
  3. Review the pricing shown at the top of the the purchase screen, and enter your payment details at the bottom of the page. Click the Purchase button to complete your order.

Yes, items in your shopping cart can be saved for purchase at a later date by saving them as a proposal. The main product listing page contains a Save Proposal button, as does the final checkout page. Proposals can be saved for up to 30 days, after which time they will be removed from the system. When you wish to purchase the items on your proposal, simply click the Buy Now button on the Proposal History page in the online portal.

If this is your first purchase, then the amount of maintenance you will be charged will be based on a full year (365 days). If you have purchased a license in the past, then the amount of maintenance that will be charged for a additional instances will be prorated so that the maintenance renewal date for your new instances matches the maintenance renewal date for your existing instances. This ensures that the maintenance for all your licenses will expire at the same time. See the example below for further explanation.

A customer purchases a 5-instance Quick Start Pack on January 1st, 2013. This purchase includes 12 months of maintenance which renews annually on January 1st, 2014. If this customer decides to purchase 5 more instances on December 1st, 2013 then the amount of maintenance that will be charged for those 5 instances will be based on the amount of time from December 1st, 2013 to January 1st, 2014 (31 days). On January 1st, 2014 the annual maintenance will be due for all 10 instances for the next 12-month period ending January 1st, 2015.

Maintenance for current licenses can not be pre-paid online. Please send an e-mail to sales@sqlsentry.com if you would like to inquire about pre-paying the maintenance for your current licenses.

Billing Options

SQL Sentry imposes a $10K dollar limit for all credit card transactions made through our online store. Any purchases for amounts greater than $10K have to be paid by invoice. All invoice transactions are subject to approval.

Contact sales@sqlsentry.com to find out more information about invoice options.

No, at this time we can only accept one form of payment / order through our online store. If you need to use multiple forms of payment to purchase your license, please contact sales@sqlsentry.com, and they can help you complete your order offline.

Yes, a SQL Sentry Event Manager Sales staff can assist you in getting your account approved for invoice options.

Contact sales@sqlsentry.com to find out more information about invoice options.

You can pay for your licenses online using most major credit cards including: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover & Diner's Club. You can securely store as many different credit cards with your profile as you wish. In addition to paying with a credit card, you can request to receive an invoice from SQL Sentry in lieu of paying by credit card. All customers who wish to be invoiced are subject credit check.

The invoice payment option is available to all customers who order online regardless of whether you have been setup for invoicing or not. If you choose to purchase using the invoice payment option but have NOT yet been setup for invoices, then the order you place will be in a Pending status until your account can be reviewed and approved for invoicing. Pending orders can be viewed from the Order History link in the Customer Portal. A license will not be created / updated for pending orders until the pending order has been approved. Once the order is approved by SQL Sentry, your license will be sent to you automatically. For this reason, while an order is still pending, you will not be able to view that license from your list of existing licenses.

Contact sales@sqlsentry.com to find out more information about invoice options.

Account Options

Click the sign in in the top navigation. On the sign in page, the last sentence at the bottom of the page reads "Click here if you need to reset your password.". Click this link and follow the instructions on the screen to reset your password. Alternately you can contact SQL Sentry Event Manager Support at 704-895-6241 and have a Support Agent reset your password. SQL Sentry Event Manager Support agents do not have access to user passwords.

If you have downloaded an evaluation copy of SQL Sentry Event Manager at any time in the past, then an account was for you automatically at the time the evaluation license was issued. Most likely you're account just needs to be authorized for online access. This entails assigning a password that is known only by you, to your account. Click here to begin the two step process of account authorization.

If you have not downloaded an evaluation copy of SQL Sentry Event Manager at anytime in the past, please to call SQL Sentry Event Manager Support at 1-704-895-6241 for help with your account.

Proposals are saved in your proposal history for 30 days. After 30 days the proposal becomes expired. Instead of having a Buy Now button, a Renew button appears in its place. If you press the Renew button, the website will go out and validate that the items contained in the proposal are still valid, and that the prices contained in the proposal are correct. After the validation occurs, a new proposal will be created in place of the expired proposal that is valid for another 30 days.

To purchase items that you saved in a proposal simply log in to the Customer Portal, and click on the Proposal History link. Your proposal history list shows all the proposals you have created under this account in the last 30 days. Simply find the proposal you wish to purchase and click the Buy Now button. The items in your proposal will be automatically transferred to your shopping cart. After you have purchased the items from a proposal, the proposal will be automatically removed.

If the proposal shows that it is expired, you have to press the Renew button before you will be able to purchase items specifically from the proposal. The Renew button verifies the items and the price of the items and creates a new proposal that is valid for an additional 30 days.

Checkout Process

Yes, if you are uncomfortable, or experience problems with your purchase online you can contact a member of the SQL Sentry Sales team at 704-895-6241 and they will be happy to take your order over the phone, or answer any questions you have about the product.

You should have a decision regarding your pending order with in 2-3 business days.

Did you choose to pay be invoice? If you are not yet authorized for invoice payments, but you choose to pay by invoice anyways, then your order will be automatically placed in a pending status until the SQL Sentry Sales team is able to approve your for invoice terms. If your order is approved, your license will be sent to your email address automatically.