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Performance Monitoring and Tuning.

Every Millisecond Counts

Finely tuned servers for optimal speed.

Peace of Mind

Critical information with less noise.

Whether you are managing 1 server or 1000 servers, we have the solution for you.

Performance Advisor is the unmatched solution for monitoring and managing your entire environment. Monitor SQL Server, Windows, and Analysis Services as well as Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) and Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW). The Performance Advisor product line provides everything you need for SQL Server performance tuning and more.

Version 9.0 Released!
With Virtualization Support for VMware and Hyper-V*

Editions available:

Confident. Efficient. Proactive.

Better tools make better data professionals.

Features and Highlights

Leave the office with confidence

Visualize your environment on any device.

Performance Advisor makes you a better data professional

Better at your job – Better job satisfaction.

Complete Confidence

The level of depth and analytical capabilities you need, no matter how large and complicated your environment.

Time Savings

Data consolidated from various sources provides easily consumable and actionable views.

Proactive Management

Historical data helps identify issues allowing you to take preemptive actions to improve SQL Server performance.

Reduced Stress

Take control and identify performance problems before they become critical.  

Increased Capabilities

Comprehensive software solutions, unparalleled support and training provides world class data management capabilities.

Part of The Complete Performance Platform

Power Suite Plus is the ultimate server performance and monitoring suite.

Performance Advisor and Event Manager streamline tuning and problem resolution while Fragmentation Manager simplifies the index defragmentation process.

  • Single Client Application
  • Job Chaining and Workflow Management
  • Scalable Monitoring Architecture
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Full Index Fragmentation Management
  • Event Visualization and Management
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The most complete performance monitoring and optimization solution.

Editions available:

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Satisfied customers say the nicest things...

  • SQL Sentry has proven over the years to be a reliable and cost efficient tool.

    We are a small SQL shop without the benefit of a dedicated SQL DBA. Managing our SQL environment is a small but very critical part of my responsibilities. SQL Sentry Event Manager greatly reduces the daily effort of managing my SQL Servers. I can see all of my scheduled events, configure alerts to capture hung jobs and even automate a response to critical issues. Plus I don't have to install, manage and suffer the performance drain of agents on every server. SQL Sentry has proven over the years to be a reliable and cost efficient tool.

    • Peter Smith
    • Director, Corporate Services at Brickmill Marketing Services
  • People say you can't buy time...

    Event Manager saved me time. Over an hour of Data Warehouse processing time each night. That's an invaluable resource. People say you can't buy time - but with Event Manager I did!

    • Geoff N. Hiten
    • Microsoft SQL Server MVP
  • SQL Sentry Event Manager has been very valuable...

    SQL Sentry Event Manager has been very valuable in reducing our response time to issues, reducing the time required to validate job executions, and given us the ability to set up and manage alerts across our database and server platforms through one interface.

    • Rick Shonak
    • Sr. Database Administrator, Blue Cod Technologies

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