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Create an instance of SQL Sentry Performance Advisor directly from the Azure Marketplace and easily monitor your Azure SQL Server instances.

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With SQL Sentry Cloud you get secure Web access to your SQL Sentry performance data.

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"SQL Sentry Performance Advisor—A Must Have Tool!"

Source: TrustRadius. The number one B2B software review site.

The only performance monitoring solution that covers Microsoft’s entire BI Stack.

Data performance is more important than ever today.

The BI Suite is a fully integrated solution that allows easy monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting for complicated BI environments that often feel like a black box using native tools. It is the only performance monitoring solution that covers Microsoft's entire BI stack: the relational data warehouse (SQL Server), SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Analysis Services (SSAS), and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). Unified installation and simplified configuration allow users to easily determine the root of performance issues and find actionable data to quickly improve performance. Actionable insights drive performance optimizations to new levels allowing you to exceed even the most demanding organization’s performance needs.

Insights for:

The best platform is built from the best tools.

The BI Suite combines our three most powerful SQL Server tools into a single, unified installation and streamlined configuration. The BI Suite provides comprehensive monitoring of the complete SQL Server BI stack by combining the relational monitoring of the Power Suite for SQL Server with in-depth Analysis Services monitoring from Performance Advisor for Analysis Services.

What's included:
Performance Advisor for SQL Server and Analysis Services
Event Manager for SQL Server

Why Choose BI Suite?

We’ve specifically designed our BI Suite to fill the gaps in information, provide organizations with key insights into the entire BI stack, all while doing so through a unified platform approach. No other software or tool provides the comprehensive coverage. No other tools provide the in-depth analytical capabilities. And no other software will give you the level of actionable insights you can achieve. When it comes to Microsoft BI stack data performance, the SQL Sentry BI Suite is the clear choice.

Complete BI Monitoring

Complete BI monitoring solutions to measure your environments health and availability. Achieve maximum uptime and identify performance issues promptly.

Resolve Bottlenecks Quickly and Easily

Determine if a bottleneck is happening due to a problem in Analysis Services or the SQL Server relational engine, and drill to the root cause to find actionable data to affect an efficient resolution.

Actionable Alerts

Create configurable alerts and receive email notifications to notify you of the most relevant information regarding performance that needs action. Don’t waste any time on noisy alerts that distract you from the real issues.

View Activity Throughout Your Environment

View important active sessions on SQL Server Analysis Services such as user name, cube, last command and session start time. Be aware of SQL Server Reporting Services report execution performance at all times.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Give SQL Sentry BI Suite a try for yourself by downloading and installing the 15-day Free Trial. We know that nobody can assess our platform better than you. Once you give SQL Sentry BI Suite a try, you will quickly see why so many DBAs and IT authorities are using our software every day. Our knowledgeable sales engineers will help you setup your installation and answer any questions you may have.

Attention to Customer Satisfaction.

While our software provides all the knowledge you need to manage and maintain your environment, our consideration of customer satisfaction, dedication to continuously improve the platform, as well as our customer support will equip you with the most complete solution. With 95% of our customers recommending and endorsing SQL Sentry, our customer satisfaction and retention says it all.

There is only one way to truly realize the impact our BI Suite for SQL Server can have. Get started on a free trial and allow our sales engineers to demonstrate the power in a demo.

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