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Create an instance of SQL Sentry Performance Advisor directly from the Azure Marketplace and easily monitor your Azure SQL Server instances.

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With SQL Sentry Cloud you get secure Web access to your SQL Sentry performance data.

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"SQL Sentry Performance Advisor—A Must Have Tool!"

Source: TrustRadius. The number one B2B software review site.

For SQL Server

Today, data performance is more important than ever.

The SQL Sentry Power Suite provides a complete performance monitoring and optimization solution for Microsoft SQL Server.

From internal applications to ecommerce websites, the size and volume of data is only growing and increasing the demands on your environment. Having the right tools to analyze performance and quickly identify issues so you can work through resolutions with minimal time and effort is a key advantage that separates SQL Sentry Power Suite for SQL Server.

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The best platform is built from the best tools.

The Power Suite for SQL Server combines our two most powerful SQL Server tools into a single, unified installation and streamlined configuration. It provides comprehensive monitoring and analysis for the SQL Server relational stack and the ability to view performance events on the Event Manager Calendar.

What's included:
Performance Advisor for SQL Server
Event Manager for SQL Server

Why Choose Power Suite for SQL Server.

When the native SQL Server tools don’t provide the level of information required for your environment, you need something more. Our Power Suite for SQL Server goes much deeper and provides and intuitive performance analytics that provides you with a clear and comprehensive picture of your SQL Server environment. Information is key in your decision processes and ensuring that you have the most accurate, in-depth, and accessible data will allow you to identify issues and optimize performance that you can’t get elsewhere.

Identify and Resolve Performance Issues

Easy bottleneck identification and drilldown into IO issues, long-running queries, blocking, and deadlocks. Simple, easy, and intuitive user interfaces make even the most daunting of tasks seem easy by comparison.

Fully Integrated Monitoring

Seamlessly integrate monitoring of SQL Server Agent Jobs, Reporting Services Reports, SSIS packages, and all of the aforementioned performance events into an intuitive calendar view.

Proactive Performance Optimization

Performance trend reports allow you to visualize your environment in real-time and historically. Easily catch warning signs before they turn into fires saving you time, money, and resources required to effectively manage your environment.

Single Client application

The integration of the tools that make up the Power Suite PLUS into a single client application makes it easy for the user to go from being notified of a failure or bottleneck by SQL Sentry to identifying the root cause in just a few clicks


Power Suite for SQL Server is utilized in some of the largest SQL Server environments in the world. As environments change and grow, you can be assured Power Suite will grow with your needs.

Features you can’t find anywhere else.

From Average Disk Latency Trends to visualizing Count of Blocks and Deadlocks, Performance Advisor and Event Manager provide many features and functionalities you can’t get anywhere else. Explore our detail pages for more information about all the available features.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Explore the Power Suite for SQL Server yourself by downloading and installing a 15-day Free Trial. Nobody will critique our capabilities better than you and we are confident that once you experience our platform, you will see why so many DBAs are moving to the SQL Sentry. Our sales engineers will assist you in getting setup, answer questions, and walk you through the software.

Attention to Customer Satisfaction

While the platform provides you all the information you need to manage your environment, our attention to customer satisfaction, our dedication and commitment to improving the software, and our customer support and knowledge bank arm you with the most effective overall solution. Our customer retention rate speaks for itself. An unprecedented 95% of our customers would actively recommend and promote SQL Sentry with a Net Promoter Score nearly 3 times the average.

There is only one way to truly realize the impact our Power Suite for SQL Server can have. Get started on a free trial and allow our sales engineers to demonstrate the power in a demo.

For SQL Server


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