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Monitor SQL Server on every platform

Available in the Azure Marketplace

Create an instance of SQL Sentry Performance Advisor directly from the Azure Marketplace and easily monitor your Azure SQL Server instances.

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Visualize your environment anywhere

With SQL Sentry Cloud you get secure Web access to your SQL Sentry performance data.

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"SQL Sentry Performance Advisor—A Must Have Tool!"

Source: TrustRadius. The number one B2B software review site.

For Windows

Multiple Windows servers running multiple applications?

Power Suite for Windows provides seamless visibility into the root of performance issues when your environment contains more than just SQL Server based applications running on Windows servers.

If you are frustrated with unknown performance issues happening outside of your SQL Server applications, this solution will give you the ability to identify and easily take corrective actions to improve performance.

Insights for:

The best platform is built from the best tools.

The Power Suite for Windows bundle combines a license of Performance Advisor for Windows and a license of Event Manager for Windows. Each of these powerful tools extends your visibility ensuring that no troublesome processes go unidentified.

What's included:
Performance Advisor for Windows
Event Manager for Windows

Why Choose Power Suite for Windows

Performance Advisor for Windows provides a dashboard of live and historical Windows performance metrics: Network, CPU, Memory, and Disk activity. In addition to the Dashboard, Performance Advisor for Windows also provides live and historical insight into the processes running on the server, along with their resource utilization. Event Manager for Windows provides visibility into the Windows Event Log and Windows Scheduled tasks through its calendar views. Event Manager for Windows also allows the incorporation of Windows Scheduled Tasks into its event chaining capability.

CPU, Memory and Network Performance Charts

Gain valuable insight into the CPU utilization of other processes that are not running on SQL Server. Monitor VM Hosts, Farm Servers, SharePoint, App Servers and more, and see exactly how much CPU each process is consuming.

Disk I/O Latency by Drive and Mount Point

Easily identify I/O performance bottlenecks with an intuitive graphical interface allowing you to troubleshoot performance problems at the source.

Live and Historical Analysis of Windows Processes

Investigate your servers long term trends and jump to specific time ranges where performance issues occurred allowing you to dig deeper with amazing granularity to resolve your performance problems.

Windows Scheduled Tasks into its event chaining capability

Configure cross-server job chains and specify dependencies between your SQL Server and Oracle jobs with an easy to use graphical interface. Have precise control over all of your events and when they run.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Dive into the SQL Sentry Power Suite for Windows yourself by downloading and installing a 15-day Free Trial. No one will scrutinize our abilities better than you. We are certain that once you work with our software, you will see why such a large number of DBAs and IT experts are switching to SQL Sentry. Our sales engineers will help you with installation and setup, answer your questions, and give you a tour of the software.

Attention to Customer Satisfaction

While the Power Suite for Windows platform provides you with all of the data you need to maintain your environment. Our commitment to quality, continuing development and improvement of our software as well as our customer support, and vast knowledge base provide you with the most robust and comprehensive results. With a client retention rate of a remarkable 95%, our customer satisfaction speaks for itself.

There is only one way to truly realize the impact our Power Suite for Windows can have. Get started on a 15-day Free Trial and allow our sales engineers to demonstrate the power in a demo.

For Windows


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