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The most complete performance monitoring and optimization solution.

You are one step away from accessing industry leading data performance and optimization software.

• Start saving significant time on complicated tasks.
• Become the expert your business needs.
• Learn why 99% of our customers recommend our software.

The best platform is built from the best tools.

The 15 Day Free Trial includes:

  • SQL Server
  • Windows
  • Analysis Services
  • SQL Server
  • Windows
  • SharePoint
  • Oracle

This Free Trial allows the management of 5 Windows systems, 5 SQL Server instances, 2 Analysis Services instances, 2 SharePoint installations, and 5 Oracle databases. For more information, please review the SQL Sentry architecture diagram and the SQL Sentry system requirements. For a larger trial, please contact us.

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Solutions for SQL Server

SQL Server performance dashboard and multi-server monitoring
Real-time & historical troubleshooting and performance analysis
Storage system monitoring for activity, latency, & capacity
Index monitoring and management
High-availability monitoring for AlwaysOn, Mirroring, and Clustering
Top SQL tracking and analysis
Visualizing Top SQL, deadlocks, jobs failures, and other important events over time
Advanced job management, chaining, and queuing
Sophisticated alerting & conditional response for SQL Server conditions
Deep SQL tuning and performance analysis

Solutions for Business Intelligence

SSAS Performance dashboard and monitoring
Workload and Bottleneck Profiling
Capturing heavy MDX, XMLA, and DMX activity
Sophisticated alerting system for SSAS commands and runtime deviations
Monitoring SSAS Cache and storage systems
Visualizing SSAS, SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, and SharePoint events over time
Sophisticated monitoring of SSIS data warehousing jobs and SSRS reports

Solutions for Windows Servers

Windows Performance Dashboard and Multi-server monitoring
Real-Time & Historical Troubleshooting and Performance Analysis
Sophisticated alerting & conditional response for Windows Tasks
Granular Windows process monitoring and analysis

Professional Services

Training for SQL Sentry products and best practices
Training for SQL Server / Windows technologies
Installation, configuration, and setup services
Troubleshooting, performance tuning, and optimization services

New in Version8.5

Check out our Team Blog for the latest version info.

Intelligent Alerting

    Performance Advisor Custom Conditions

Intelligent Alerting allows you to build alerts specific to your own monitored environment, using values and metrics retrieved from multiple sources and subsystems. Via custom conditions, you can easily create advanced performance alerting, enhanced change detection and advisory rule sets. When building custom conditions, you can use any combination of ANDs and ORs, and any number of nesting levels, to compare the values retrieved from these multiple sources. Everything is point-and-click, so even complex conditions can be configured quickly.

  • Use multiplication, division, addition and subtraction to combine values from any subsystem, and use the results in comparison operators.
  • Easily combine multiple conditions together to create compound conditions.
  • Set up alerts for any query that exceeds a specific duration threshold.
  • Test any performance counter against a baseline value, or as a percentage of a baseline value.
  • Choose from 11 different actions that can occur when a condition is met.
  • See event markers on the Performance Advisor Dashboard charts, including enhanced tooltips with supplemental information.
  • Easily apply your conditions to an individual server, a group of servers, or your entire environment.
  • Test any new condition against monitored servers before assigning any actions.
  • Alerts write to the Events Log, where a historical record of the event with a snapshot of all associated metrics is maintained.





Cloud.sqlsentry.com provides an easily configurable and highly customizable way to access your performance data anywhere you have an Internet connection. Access many of the same views available in the SQL Sentry Client including all of the popular reporting options, the new alerting Events Log, and the Global Status view.

Cloud.SQLSentry.com More about cloud.sqlsentry.com



    Performance Advisor Baselines

To help manage change in your environment, Performance Advisor includes both pre-configured baselines and the ability to create your own custom baselines. Baselines can be viewed and managed from the Performance Advisor Dashboard. At a glance, you can see where performance deviates and resolve those issues before they become a problem. Custom baselines are configurable and, in combination with Intelligent Alerting, provide a comprehensive change management and notification system.

  • Out of the box pre-configured baselines are available for the previous period,
    day, week, month, quarter and year.
  • Create custom baselines on demand for any desired time range.
  • Overlay both pre-configured and custom baselines on the
    Performance Advisor Dashboard.
  • Full alerting capability for baseline metrics using Intelligent Alerting.




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