SQL Server Defrag & Index Analysis

Dramatically improves the manageability and visibility of SQL Server index fragmentation across the enterprise

Fragmentation Manager helps you make good decisions about how and when to defragment. You can easily set up an environment-wide schedule to automate index analysis and defragmentation operations, while allowing the flexibility to customize the schedule and other specific instances, databases, tables, and even individual indexes. Fragmentation Manager will also allow you to perform index defragmentation faster than ever before via support for multiple concurrent operations.


  • The integration with Performance Advisor allows you to assess the impact of SQL Server index fragmentation on server and query performance.
  • Multiple historical charts showing used and wasted space, for both disk and buffer, at the table and index level make index analysis even easier.
  • Built-in defragmentation notifications so you can be as informed as you want, regarding the status of your SQL Server defrag operations.

Product Overview

The Product Overview provides you with all of the features in our tools. You can easily compare our tools and see which ones fit your organization's needs.


Overhead Analysis

The SQL Sentry Overhead Analysis provides both qualitative and quantitative information about the overhead impact you should expect from SQL Sentry Event Manager and Performance Advisor.



Automated SQL Server Defrag

Fragmentation Manager Automatic Defrag

Quickly and easily set up automated defrag schedules across your environment via point-and-click and drag-and-drop. You can set specific schedules for different servers and databases, down to the individual table or index level as needed and use different schedules for very large indexes that need to be analyzed and defragged separately. You can also selectively defrag only the max partition or all others because Fragmentation Manager offers full support for partitioning sliding window scenarios.

Fragmentation Reports

Fragmentation Manager Fragmentation Reports

Fragmentation Reports display index-related statics, from the computer level down to the individual index level, which allows you to quickly identify trends and diagnose problems. They also display the state of fragmentation on a server and help you make good decisions about how and when to defrag your indexes, adjust fill factors, or even change index definitions. There are also multiple charts, which show used and wasted space, for both disk and buffer, at the table and index level.

SQL Server Defrag Performance

Fragmentation Manager Defrag Performance

By allowing more than one concurrent defrag operation, Fragmentation Manager can dramatically speed up your defrag process, thereby reducing the maintenance window required for defrag. With the Performance Advisor dashboard and Disk Activity view, you can easily assess the performance impact of increasing concurrent defrag operations.



With SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager, it is easy to set up an environment-wide schedule to automate defragmentation operations, while allowing the flexibility to customize the schedule and other settings for specific instances, databases, tables, and even individual indexes. You can analyze the impact of fragmentation on query and overall server performance thanks to the integration with Performance Advisor, and you can review and manage defrag schedules on the SQL Sentry calendar with Event Manager.



Fragmentation Manager allows you to control the number of concurrent defrag operations, and when more operations can happen in parallel, your maintenance window becomes smaller. You can very easily monitor the impact this has with Performance Advisor, and make adjustments as necessary.


Continual Innovation

While other SQL Server monitoring tools have stagnated, SQL Sentry has continued to push the envelope, introducing several industry firsts such as our patented SQL Server disk analysis, unrestricted historical performance reporting, comprehensive deadlock analysis, performance event calendars, intelligent wait analysis, and many more cutting edge features.


Lower Overhead

SQL Sentry's tools are built to be minimally invasive and incur the lowest possible hit on monitored servers via our agent-less architecture... while other SQL Server monitoring tools incur far more load than they will ever help you to resolve. Some even filter out all of their own query activity so you never see it! Don't be fooled by misleading claims of lower overhead - install SQL Sentry alongside other tools to see exactly how much of a performance hit they incur. Download our Overhead Analysis.


Lower Cost

SQL Sentry software continually delivers more features, functionality and utility than other SQL Server software tools, at a lower price point. With subscription-based and site licensing options, the relative savings can grow even further.



From the instance down to each index, Fragmentation Manager provides both graphical and tabular data representing index-related metrics, which make trends and events more obvious, getting you one step closer to solving space and performance issues.



SQL Sentry software is installed in some of the largest SQL Server environments in the world. Our low overhead, agent-less, site-based approach provides almost linear scalability. We have yet to meet a SQL Server environment that the SQL Sentry architecture can't handle.


World-class Support

SQL Sentry provides the highest level of support services you will find in the SQL Server software world. Our clients continually rave about the responsiveness and technical competence of our support team. You will never speak to a non-technical front-line person that doesn't understand SQL Server or SQL Sentry software. To the contrary, you will often be speaking directly to a development team member.



We've been a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for many years, and our customer survey results say it better than we ever could. Our marks across the board are consistently higher than other Microsoft partners. All customers fall into the "Champion" quadrant, ranking us amongst the top Microsoft ISVs in the world. Survey results


Higher Quality

SQL Sentry software undergoes intensive regression, scalability and overhead testing in our internal test lab of over 100 SQL Servers. It is then real-world tested in one of the largest SQL Server hosting environments in the U.S., until it is deemed stable enough to release to the public... no matter how long it takes. After release, our integrated, automated exception reporter gives us a perpetual feedback loop with our customers, who are continually surprised to receive a response from a real human usually within hours of submitting an exception.



April 2015

Mitigating Index Fragmentation

Paul Randal (@PaulRandal) of SQLskills provides a follow up to his post on unexpected clustered index fragmentation. In this one, he gives some thorough and helpful tips on reducing or eliminating the impact of index fragmentation in SQL Server.

March 2015

Unexpected Clustered Index Fragmentation

In a departure from his series on ‘knee-jerk performance tuning’, Paul Randal (@PaulRandal) of SQLskills decided to discuss index fragmentation. In this post, he describes several ways clustered index fragmentation can sneak up on us, and how it can impact your workload.

July 2014

SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager: An Overview

Lori Edwards goes over our product Fragmentation Manager, which is an add-in to Performance Advisor. Performance Advisor on its own provides a great deal of information about the indexes within your databases, but Fragmentation Manager adds additional insight into health, size and usage of your indexes as well as provides a tool to manage your indexes.

June 2014

Fixes for SQL Server 2012 & 2014 Online Index Rebuild Issue

Aaron Bertrand warns about a parallelism bug found in SQL Server 2012 and 2014 that could lead to data loss following online index rebuilds. If you are in a situation where you can’t apply the 2012 or 2014 hot fixes that address the issue, then you can use Fragmentation Manager’s MAXDOP setting to bypass the bug.

December 2012

Trimming the Transaction Log Fat

Paul Randal discusses how the database’s transaction log can be a bottleneck that adds to the time it takes a transaction to complete. He also discusses how to identify fragmented indexes to ultimately help reduce transaction log usage.

August 2012

My Perspective: The Top 5 Most Common SQL Server Performance Problems

In this post, Jason Hall shares the top 5 SQL Server Performance issues that our Client Services team sees on daily basis. He discusses the problems with tempdb PAGELATCH contention, expecting auto update statistics to keep statistics updated, and more.

May 2012

SQL Sentry v7 goes Gold!

After what has been a relatively smooth beta, we're going gold with v7 today! Read more about v7 features in my last post. I've also got some exciting news regarding new fragmentation-related features included in the base software, and how to get FREE licenses of both Performance Advisor and Fragmentation Manager.

April 2012

SQL Sentry v7: With our new Fragmentation Manager module

7 represents the culmination of almost a year of effort, and ideas going back much, much further than that. We've completely redone several aspects of the software such as alerting (condition and action) configuration, and we've added some awesome new features like automated defrag, computer groups, and CMS support to boot. Did I mention SQL Server 2012?


Fragmentation Manager Overview

Fragmentation Manager Overview

SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager introduces new automated index maintenance capabilities to Performance Advisor. This video is a brief overview of the features within Fragmentation Manager.

SQL Sentry - New in Version 7

SQL Sentry Version 7 offers significant new features including integrated index analysis and defrag, mirroring monitoring and much more. We’ve also completely re-architected our alerting and notification functionality.


SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager is licensed per individual monitored Microsoft SQL Server instance, and also requires a SQL Sentry Performance Advisor license for each monitored instance. First year annual software maintenance is required and provides technical support via e-mail and phone, fixes and updates and free version upgrades.

  License Maintenance
Fragmentation Manager
$795.00 $159.00
SAVE 23% / $880.00 Power Suite PLUS
(1) Performance Advisor for SQL Server
(1) Event Manager for SQL Server
(1) Performance Advisor for Windows
(1) Event Manager for Windows
(1) Fragmentation Manager
$2,995.00 $599.00

Requires a SQL Sentry Performance Advisor license for each monitored instance.
The first year annual software maintenance is required with license purchase.


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