Performance Monitoring and Tuning.

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Finely tuned servers for optimal speed.

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One server or a thousand servers, we have the solution for you.

Performance Advisor is the unmatched solution for monitoring and managing all aspects of your SQL Server infrastructure. Monitor SQL Server and Analysis Services, Windows servers and VMware hosts. Support for Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS), Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database, and Amazon EC2 allows you to monitor your environment on every platform.

Performance Advisor provides everything you need for SQL Server performance monitoring and tuning.

Confident. Efficient. Proactive.

Features and Highlights

  • Virtualization Support for VMware and Hyper-V*
  • Clear and Concise Performance Dashboard
  • Intuitive Alerting Helps Eliminate Frivolous, False Alarms
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*Requires Performance Advisor for Windows on host

  • Full Query Tuning Analysis
  • Real-time and Historical Statistics
  • Baselines for Tracking Performance Trends
  • Instant Detail for High Impact and Long Running Statements
  • Block and Deadlock Capture and Analysis
  • AlwaysOn Monitoring and Management
  • Pre-configured SQL Server Performance Reports
  • Secure Access via Browser, Tablet or Mobile Device
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Leave the office with confidence

Visualize your environment on any device.

Performance Advisor makes you a better data professional

Better at your job – Better job satisfaction.

Complete Confidence

The level of depth and analytical capabilities you need, no matter how large and complicated your environment.

Time Savings

Data consolidated from various sources provides easily consumable and actionable views.

Proactive Management

Historical data helps identify issues allowing you to take preemptive actions to improve SQL Server performance.

Reduced Stress

Take control and identify performance problems before they become critical.  

Increased Capabilities

Comprehensive software solutions, unparalleled support and training provides world class data management capabilities.

Part of The Complete Performance Platform

Power Suite Plus is the ultimate server performance and monitoring suite.

Performance Advisor and Event Manager streamline tuning and problem resolution while Fragmentation Manager simplifies the index defragmentation process.

  • Single Client Application
  • Job Chaining and Workflow Management
  • Scalable Monitoring Architecture
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Full Index Fragmentation Management
  • Event Visualization and Management
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